2016 Teaser

Denon DJ's latest teaser for January 2016

DJ Switch at Decks with the SC3900s

Three times DMC World Champion DJ Switch visits Decks and tells us about the Denon SC3900.


Mr Switch

Our good friend Mr Switch has published one of the SC3900 routine videos, and is hoping to get it in the top ten on the DMC online website. You can check out the video and vote for it here ; http://www.dmcdjonline.com/watch.php?t=watch&v=NDI0

Engine 1.1.0

Summer 2013 - Denon DJ introduce v1.1.0 update to the Engine Music Management software. For Denon SC2900 & SC3900 Media Players

New Features:
Full Search Across All Folder Types | Hotlist function | Mono File Support | DJ Database Creation & Update Improvements | New File Emphasis Feature | Tap Tempo 'B' Button | Easy Eject Added | Auto BackUp Enabled | Fixes & Improvements

Engine Vs 1.1.0 Update available from: http://www.dm-pro.eu/en/denondj/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=MediaPlayers&SubCatId=MediaPlayers&ProductId=ENGINE

Denon DJ Europe: http://www.dm-pro.eu/en/denondj/Pages/Home.aspx
Denon DJ US: http://usa.d-mpro.com/us/denondj/pages/home.aspx
Denon DJ Asia: http://apac.d-mpro.com/eng/denondj/Pages/Home.aspx

'LAX (Fallow Remix)' by The CloudShapers http://www.basemusic.co.uk/
'Funky Paris (Fashion Mix)' by Alvaro Vela 'Blow Off (Stardust Mix)' by Oscar D'vine http://www.plussodamusic.com


DJ Switch does the Phil Collins Beat

DJ Switch, 3 times world DMC champion, friend of Denon DJ, and drinker of Thai Tea, has found his way onto another youtube video from this years BPM exhibition in Birmingham. Check it out here ! ;


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